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Background Information

Dr. Warren is the author of:

"Psychological & Social Integration for the Labeled Schizophrenic", Psychological Reports February 1986

, University Microfilms 1986

Contributing author of:
"The Quality of Life and Employment in Panic Disorder"
Archives of General Psychiatry
, 1997

Contributing author of:
"The Reliability, Validity and Responsiveness of the 36-item Short Form Health Survey (Sf-36) and Work Productivity and Impairment (WPAI) Questionnaire when used in Panic Disorder" PharmacoEconomics 1997

Television Appearances

Channel 11 Nightly News: Interview on "Depression in those threatened with job loss" 1991

Channel 60 "A Deeper Look" Interview on "Adult Children Of Alcoholics" 1995

Feature Articles

Dr Warren has been interviewed in feature articles on his work including: "Dream Work & the Senoi" San Mateo Times, 1987, "Stress of House Remodeling on Marriage and Family" The SF Chronicle 1990